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The Ideal Tasting Room Location

Wine Villages, particularly in the Western States, have proven the synergistic benefit in attracting new and unique visitors to their locations. These Villages are far more than just a retail location, but a destination which specifically attracts those interested in learning about, and of course, tasting wine. Their success can be evidenced by both brand growth and waiting lists for available space. For Shasta Wine Village, six years of research, planning and entitlement approvals have evolved into what might be best described as “the ideal tasting room location." The design, architecture, and amenities have been created to enhance patron experience. Blend this ideal ambiance with a California Freeway leading to your doorstep, and it may provide an irresistible opportunity to grow your brand.

Is your winery ready for a second home?


Opportunities & Benefits For Those With Foresight


Shasta Wine Village has 15-18 individual winery tasting room locations, each with temperature controlled storage. They vary in size, configuration, orientation, view, and different amenities. The licensed spaces may include private patios, semi-private patios, or sharing the large communal courtyard. Reservations for specific space within the Village are now being accepted, subject to qualification. The location choice which best meets individual winery objectives is subject to availability. 

Financial Benefits:

An established graduated lease discount is available for a limited number of winery reservations, in addition to Village location preference. Additionally, we are prepared to extend that financial benefit for up to three years. Accepted reservations can be made without penalty and risk free, should your objectives change or for any reason Shasta Wine Village does not meet or exceed your expectations during an extended evaluation period. We welcome you to contact us so we can share our vision and complete details on our fully approved and permitted plans.

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discover the advantages of having a tasting room at the Shasta Wine Village.


Who are we looking for?

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Established, quality wineries

California Wineries with an established history of quality wine production and an interest to utilize cost-effective DTC marketing to enable brand expansion.


Capacity for Growth

Minimum production capacity must exceed 5,000 cases per year. Qualified wineries would be eligible to apply for a duplicate 02 license prior to occupancy.


Representatives of Premier Growing Regions

Wineries with their unique varietals are represented within the Shasta Wine Village includes the Sierra Foothills, Amador, Sacramento Valley, Lodi, Far North Coast and Shasta Cascade regions.  


Open to Contemporary Marketing

A priority in building brand recognition and sales, contemporary marketing opportunities include expansive Co-op marketing (between wineries and Shasta Wine Village), social media and more.  Wineries would be prepared to shift resources to expand profitable Direct to Consumer (DTC) Sales. 

Additional details and information are available for qualified wineries.